Earth Day Birdhouses

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 as a day of environmental awareness at schools, colleges, universities and community-based organizations throughout United States. It has grown, thanks to, into an annual event recognized in 192 countries and is, in my opinion, one of the best opportunities to engage young children in conversation about conservation and protecting this world on which we live. As parents, we’re often looking for those “teachable moments,” and Earth Day presents us with an easy 24 hours of them.

Our youngest daughter’s daycare is going to conserve electricity by turning off the lights for an hour today, and the kids all brought in recyclable items from home that will be used in an art project. Our oldest daughter also wanted a way to give back to Mother Earth. She and I talked about finally getting our kitchen composter up and running which will be a real boon when it comes time to plant our garden this spring. But we also decided that this Earth Day we wanted to do something for the critters living in and around our yard, inviting in more birds to help us naturally control pests and to give them safe places to raise their chicks.

So today, we’re taking a little break from the recipes and sharing a simple craft that you can do on Earth Day or any day: decorating and hanging wooden birdhouses.

Keep reading to see how we made our birdhouses!